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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hawaii 2010

What a great way to start the New Year! Don't ya think? We got back from Maui on Sunday and we were there for a week! We went with some friends and had a blast! The weather was perfect.. we stayed right across the street from one of the best beaches.. we ate junk food and shaved ice the whole time.. it was freaking amazing! I can't wait to go back! Someday...
Funny story.. Our friends Carlene and Kevin left the same day we did but because we booked the tickets so late we had to fly out on different flights and had a few layovers. They had to be there at about 7:00 in the morning and we didn't have to be there until 9. Well, we got there early and made it through securtiy in about 10 minutes so we were just sitting in the lobby waiting to board the plane and we got called up to the front desk.. The lady said that they had over booked our plane and asked if we could change flights. She told us that we would get 2 roundtrip tickets and the flight she could fit us on flew out 10 minutes later than our regular flight and it was a direct flight! SWEET!! It was a hard decision.. Not. We were so excited and we beat Carly and Kevin to the airport.. Isn't that awesome! Alright.. enough talk.. more pics. They are few and random. I decided that since there were 2 other couples going with us, I could slack out on picture taking and get copies of theirs.. I will get them posted as soon as I get them.. Thanks guys!

This was the beach we stayed on:

Of course, the first thing Nathan did was look for climbing.. and he found it! sort of..
Kevin is a little too strong and he broke the handle off the sliding glass door.. OOPS!
We woke up at 4:00 in the morning to watch the sun rise through the clouds on the top of the Volcano.. it was beautiful! And 30 degrees.. we were right at home!

A friend told us we could snorkel here... ya right.. good luck with that!

"Road to Hana" and blacksand beach.. My favorite sight by far.. but he Jellyfish warning kept us out of the water..

Whaler's Village

This is Carlene.. funny.. every night when we would get home from our daily activites.. she would sit down and fall asleep within minutes.. it was awesome.. no kidding.. every night.. on the couch..

We went whale watching in Lahina and we saw so many whales! We saw a group of about 4 or 5 whales that were fighting! They would all stay really close and we would see fins slapping and head butting..Our tour guide said that it has been 20 years since they had seen anything like it and we got to witness it.. we were lucky to go when the whales are so popular.. we kept seeing them from off the beach and we saw quite a few jump out of the water.. Man, I can't believe how big those things are!

Us at the "Old Lahina Luau"

Our last night on the beach... A sight I will never forget..

And last but not least.. The moment we got off the plane and Nathan spotted a palm tree, he decided he needed to climb one..