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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Husband Tag..

I found a Random blog that said anyone who wanted to do this tag should.. so I thought I would because I don't really have anything else ineresting to post this week.. So here it goes..

What is your Husband's Name: Nathan Glen Bingham
How long have you been together: Married 9 1/2 months
How long did you date: 11 months
Who eats more: Nathan is the only boy I have NOT been able to out-eat
Who said "I love you" first: Nathan
Who is taller: Nathan.. but only by a little
Who has more speeding tickets: I think I do. He can get out of anything..
Who is smarter: GPA- Me.... Everything else-Nathan
Who is more sensitve: Me definitly.. Nathan is just sweet..
Who does the laundry: Me, but I have already ruined a lot of clothes so that might have to change soon ;)
Who does the dishes: Me. I am anal about washing my dishes since we don't have a dishwasher
Who sleeps on the right: Nathan
Who pays the bills: Both, But Nathan makes all the money
Who mows the lawn: Nathan.. if we had one to mow
Who cooks dinner: Both. We try and trade off but Nathan is tons better
Who drives when you are together: Nathan.
Who is more stubborn: Nathan. We'll leave it at that.
Who kissed whom first: Mutual.. but Nathan leaned first
Who asked out who first: I told my cousin Cody to have him ask me out so he did.. You decide..
Who proposed: Nathan.. totally wasn't expecting that one..
Who has more siblings: Nathan has 4 sisters and 1 brother.... I have 1 sister and 3 brothers

I tag anyone else who wants to do it!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Congrats to Mary and Isaac!!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go see our good friends Mary and Isaac go through the temple. It was such an amazing experience for us to see.. We are so excited for them! We love you guys!!

Look at my sexy sister!!

This is my cute little-big sister.. I am older but she is definitely taller.. Tonight was Prom so I went to my parents house for the day to help her get ready.. Isn't she gorgeous!! Our cousin Jenna Layton is amazing at hair so she helped us with that part.

Do you think we look alike? I can't decide.. some people say we look like twins but some say that we look nothing alike.. what do you think?

Doesn't she look like a model?
Shandie is for sure the giggle queen in our family.. especially around boys..
How cute is that..

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cruise Pics

It is finally Saturday and I have access to a computer so I guess I will take advantage and put some of our cruise pics until I figure out how to put them into a slideshow so I can post all of them. We are totally going to go again so if anyone wants to come...... ;)