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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Friday, March 27, 2009

The 4-1-1..

I know.. it's been forever.. again..
Back to business..
What's new here? Let me tell you...
1. I'm getting new carpet. I shopped.. I found.. I bought.. then I told Nathan.. he he..
2. I am getting new paint.. yay! I'll post pics as soon as we are done.. I'm hoping for a complete makeover.
3. Spring should be here by now and it's not. I'm mad
4. We get to speak in sacrament tomorrow.. that will be loads of fun
5. Ernie has almost ripped out all the grass in the back yard.. dumb dog
6. Nathan is going to compete in a bouldering(climbing) comp next month.. go Nathan!
7. We went on our first outdoor climbing adventure last week.. pics below..
8. We had our mini-golf tournament a couple weeks ago.. it was awesome.. pics also below..
That's all.. I will post pics of our new and improved house as soon as it is done!

we totally got third place.... mostly because we were so tired of winning all the time..

congrats to cody and mel.. with the first place victory.