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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Bathroom

Ugly Plum Purple: Before
Cute Tan: After

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!!

I'm a couple days late on posting, what else is new.. but I wanted to post anyways! Nathan turned 25 on Wednesday and I successfully planned and carried out a Surprise party for him! It was awesome! Thanks to everyone that helped me out with it. I want to give an official shout out to Nathan and tell him how much I love him and I can't wait to spend the next eternitys worth of birthdays with him! Here are only 25 of the million reasons that I love you Nathan!
1: Your Smile.. I melt
2: The way that you laugh at your own jokes
3: I can finish your drink and you just laugh (I don't exactly react the same way)
4: Your passion for climbing
5: You will stay up late talking to me for hours even when you have to work early
6: Your love for the gospel
7: You put up with and pretend that you like my teenage drama shows
8: You make a wicked steak.. mmmm
9: Me: "Guess what?" You: "You found your brain.."
10: Patience
11: The way I fit perfectly in your arms
12: You push me to do my best
13: I love the way you laugh at "Hot Rod" even though you have seen it a million times
14: You can recite practially the whole movie
15: My Snuggie
16: You like to make me mad just so I will beat you up
17: Ernie loves you
18: You look freaking sexy on your motorcycle
19: Your hair
20: You still love me even after I have ruined many of your favorite shirts in the laundry
21: Ripped Body
22: You let me fall asleep on your lap and then you carry me to bed
23: You love your family
24: You love my family
25: You love me unconditionally

New York: 2009

This summer we had the opportunity to fly out to New York to see Nathan's brother Cory graduate from Chiropractic School! Way to go Cory.. I am ashamed to say that I do not have any pictures of his graduation, sorry guys.. but I do have plenty of the rest of our trip. Cory and Sarah were nice enough to be our tour guides, even though they have done it a million times, and take us around to see all of the LDS church sites and up to Niagra Falls! It was absolutely amazing! I want to say thank you again to Cory and Sarah for letting us stay at their home and let us eat all of their food and drive them crazy for a week! We love you guys and can't wait to see you soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Truck anyone?

Since we got our new baby, we are sad to say we must get rid of this one. If anyone is interested.. please let us know :)
2001 Toyota Tacoma
107,400 miles
Rebuilt title but it is in great condition!
Brand new tires as of 8/17/2009
Low price because we must sell ASAP!

Out with the old, in with the new..

This is the newest member of our family! Say hello to Big Blue! We decided it was necessary to upgrade and this is what we fell in love with!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coupon Extravaganza!

I just bought @ Albertsons:
1-Box of Poptarts
45- 32 oz Powerade
2- Bottle of Hershey Syrup
1- Rasin Bran Cereal
1- Froot Loop Cereal
1- Rice Crsipie Cereal
2- Dole Fruit cups
2- Boxes of Brownies
1- Capri Sun

Regular Price before Sale and Coupons = $125.92
My Price after sales and coupons = $34.10

I freaking love coupons...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I freaking love my Cricut!!

Price to buy already made: $13.99
Price to make at home: $2.99


Check it out!! We decided that since I get to do all the decorating upstairs, Nathan gets to do all the decorating downstairs.. I think he did a pretty good job :)

If you are wondering why we named it Voltron... click on this link.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Lessons NOT learned....

1 Fart + 1 mouthfull of foamy toothpaste = One cold shower

So.. last week, Nathan thought he was funny so he followed me into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and he farted. Sick. So to defend myself and to show who is boss, I followed him into the bedroom and spit my full, foamy, toothpasty spit all over his face. Then he picked me up, threw me into the bathtub (In my clean pjs) and turned on the cold water. KO.

A couple days later, after much thought, I decided I would be funny and twist tie the water squirty thing in the kitchen to on and so when Nathan came home he would get it right in the face. Genius right?

Wrong. Yes he did get sprayed, like one squirt, but I was the one who got a FULL gallon of cold fridge water dumped on top of my head..

Lesson learned? Not a chance. Bring it on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saved the best for last..

So, I could not post this pic because I had to wait until nighttime so I could take a good picture and give you the full effect.. My parents recently added on to their house and did this in their living room.. We liked it so we decided to copy them.. It is rope lights sitting on top of some crown molding and it looks freaking awesome.. This was not an easy addition... I say it again and again.. Nathan is absolutely amazing.. He can do anything..

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Done!

This is going to be a long post so make sure you have a minute.. As always life has been crazy busy but it has been very successful...I guess I will start from the first..

Danielle has started playing the violin and she came over to show us what she had learned and Ernie loved it. He sat there the whole time and just stared at her and listened.. it was the funniest thing ever..

The upper 2 pics are from our first outdoor climb of the season.. we went in the canyon and I went but it was still the middle of March and it was a little too cold for me to be climbing..

The middle of April Nathan competed in a climbing competition up by 29th street boulder fields. He did awesome.. We don't have many pics because I was videoing him most of the time but he did really well.. we got lots of cool gear out of it. Way to Go Nathan!

Ok.. here you all go.. it's been done for a couple weeks now but here they are.. The pictures don't do justice so if you want to see the good stuff you will have to come over and see it..



I owe my mom, Pauline, Aunt Kath and Aunt Teresa forever for coming down and helping me paint.. they are all professionals and did such a good job. We got it all painted in about 2 1/2 hours. all coats.. Thanks so much you guys! I love you all to death!

After.. but still before it was all the way done

So it is only fair that we start one project and finish it and something else breaks.. While we were painting there was a knobby thingy under my kitchen sink that broke and so water was leaking everywhere and my kitchen floor flooded and then I went downstairs to put some laundry in and this is what I found in the downstairs bathroom.. the water had leaked through the floor of the kitchen and you can't tell by the pic but there was an easy inch of water on the floor and the carpet was soaked.. lovely right.. the toilet was all bubbles so we had to get a new one of those.. the tiles in the ceiling were soggy and one broke.. So I called Nathan and he came home and looked at it.. said it was an easy fix..

So we went to Home Depot to get some new parts and when we got home we needed to find the main shut off valve for the water so we could change the fixture.. it was no where to be found.. So Nathan being the amazing man that he is.. traced some of the water pipes and found where it should be.. Funny thing though.. there was a wall in front of it..

He had to cut a hole in the wall and pray that it was under there.. It was.. the people that built this house must have been genius.. NOT!

Drum roll please.. here is the finished project! I love it so much.. I feel like it is really our own now.. its warm and cozy.. Yay.
Last week we had a BBQ with our friends just for fun and also to celebrate Bryce for Graduating!! Way to go Bryce! Nathan is always the best cook..We got out some Ladder Ball and had a little tournament.. (We almost made it all night without breaking all of the balls..) Cheap..

For my birthday Nathan got me a set of bigger, separte scriptures. I have some smaller ones that are all in one book that I still love but these ones will be easier for me to study out of. For my birthday Nathan took me on the frontrunner down to Salt Lake and we went and saw the Joseph Smith movie and to dinner and then we hung out at Gateway for a little while! It was so much fun.. I left my camera sitting on my dresser.. Go me.. But I had a wonderful 21st birhday! Nathan did an awesome job putting it together for me and making it so special! I love you Baby!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The 4-1-1..

I know.. it's been forever.. again..
Back to business..
What's new here? Let me tell you...
1. I'm getting new carpet. I shopped.. I found.. I bought.. then I told Nathan.. he he..
2. I am getting new paint.. yay! I'll post pics as soon as we are done.. I'm hoping for a complete makeover.
3. Spring should be here by now and it's not. I'm mad
4. We get to speak in sacrament tomorrow.. that will be loads of fun
5. Ernie has almost ripped out all the grass in the back yard.. dumb dog
6. Nathan is going to compete in a bouldering(climbing) comp next month.. go Nathan!
7. We went on our first outdoor climbing adventure last week.. pics below..
8. We had our mini-golf tournament a couple weeks ago.. it was awesome.. pics also below..
That's all.. I will post pics of our new and improved house as soon as it is done!

we totally got third place.... mostly because we were so tired of winning all the time..

congrats to cody and mel.. with the first place victory.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today I feel like "SuperWoman!"
I'm glad you asked...

This is what I achieved today..

*Went to work from 8 to 3:30
*Came home and did my dishes: load, unload and washed all my big pans
* Swept my Kitchen floor- then I mopped
*Washed off my oven.. I even cleaned the Metal pot holder things (Gas oven) It's white again
* Cleared off my table and my computer desk (found some papers I was missing_figures)
* Made my bed
* Washed AND put away all of my laundry
* Dusted.. my whole house
*Cleaned BOTH bathrooms.. toilets..all around the whole toilet.. sinks.. floors.. mirrors..
* Vaaccumed.. TWICE.. the first time it was clogged so it was pointless..
* Made it to the gym by 6:50 to Step class
* Came home and made tacos with my hubby for dinner.

I don't want to brag or anything.. but I feel awesome..
It feels so good to come home to a clean house..
Won't stay that way for long...
But for a minute I feel great about myself.
Go me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

There was a really HANDSOME boy that came to see me at work today.. and this is what he brought me...
He also gave me this...

It is a poem he made up with candy bars.. in case you can't read it, this is what it says..

This Valentines Day I wanted to "Take 5" minutes
And write you a "Fast(break)" poem.
You are my "Dove"
And we "Snicker" with love
I have so much "(Almond)Joy"
"100(grand) times the normal boy.
"U-NO" just what to say,
To make me "M(&)M" all day.
There is a "Good(& plenty) part of me
That wishes I could be "3(muskateers)"
Becasuse there is "Mounds" of love within my heart
That a "Symphony" could not play the part
So when you think of this "(Milk) Dud"
Know that he loves you with all of his "What-cha-ma-call-it"
And nothing will ever become be"Twix"ed us!
Love, your "Big Hunk"

I love that boy... with all my heart..

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's about Time!!

Whew! We are still alive.. sorry it has been awhile.. I will use the same excuse as I always do.. Life is crazy!! This post might end up being a long one so I hope you can make it.. take a big deap breath!!
ALright.. First things first...

For those of you who don't know, We found out Ernie had Parvo. He started throwing up about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and we didn't really think anything of it. It went on for a couple of days but since we are so used to him eating anything and everything he can find.. for example.. socks, his blanket, grass, sticks, small rocks, plastic bags that he has dug up in the back yard.. we weren't worried about it. We later noticed that he was not eating anything and he was not drinking anything and we hadn't noticed he had pooped either so we got a little worried. Then that Sunday we were heading to the valley to a farewell and Nathan decided to call a family friend that is a vet and just ask her what she thought about the situation. She told us that he was dying and if we didn't take him to the animal hospital right then she was afraid he would be dead in a couple hours. We decided to skip the farewell and run home and take him to the vet.. I seriously cried the whole day.. It was the scarriest thing ever.. Long story short he had a blowout in the office right before we were going to take him into surgery to see what was wrong, and the vet could smell the Parvo in is poo right away.. Way to go Doc.. that is pure talent right there.. it was the most awful smell ever.. but we were so grateful that we were able to find out what it was right then because he was so bad we probably would have lost him during the surgery. I would explain what Parvo is but it is quite the Sickness so if you are interested I found a lot of good info on . The doctor then gave him tons of shots and IV's and we were able to take him home. I guess with Parvo since it is a virus, they can't treat it.. they can only treat the symptoms so when we took him home we had no idea if he was going to pull out of it. We gave him the medicine that we got and in a couple days he was back to his old self.. Oh ya.. and the doctor said he probably got it from outside so there was no way to prevent it.. but I have chloroxed everything I possibly can so we can make sure no other puppies get it around us.. In the end.. we are so blessed that our fat little boy was able to fight it off and is back to his crazy, hyper self again.. this is a pic that I took a couple days ago.. he is such an odd dog..Next.. Since we got married I have wanted to get a bedspread that I can theme our room around and now I have one! Ashlee told me told me to look on Ebay and so I did and I love it! I got it for a great deal and I absolutely love it.. I know it sounds dumb.. but I feel more girly.. It gets me exctited and I want to redecorate my house.. One step at a time.. we'll see how that goes.. but here are before and after pics.. ( The first one is a little exagerated.. I wanted it to be a drastic differnence so I messed it up a little.. )

Yay! Isn't it cute.. I think so..
And last but not least.. Weber State had a climbing comptetition on Saturday and Nathan and Brian helped set the routes.. the set up some awesome ones! Since Nathan set the routes he was not allowed to compete but the next one they have we will probably both compete.. Nathan for sure.. I am trying to get up the guts to do it.. we will see. Here are just some fun pics of them getting ready for that..