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Friday, January 23, 2009

Poor Puppy :(

Sad. We think Ernie has the flu.. He has been throwing up for about a day and he is just not the same.. He won't eat and has barely drank any water. We are trying pedialyte.. hope it works. If you have any ideas.. Please.. fill us in. It is so sad to see him mope around..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Years 5 minutes late!! oops..

Yay! Happy New Years! Well, we invited a bunch of friends to come hang out New Years Eve and these are the only two that showed up! WOO HOO! We must stink or something.. sorry guys..No it really was a last minute plan so we will forgive all of you that did not come. We might not next time.. but this time you are off the hook.. you know who you are..

Well since there were only four of us we decided to start up a good game of Hand and Foot. I love that game. It is nice to sit down and play games with friends rather than going out to eat or watching a movie or something. It was a nice change. We were watching the clock and listening to the TV so we could see the ball drop but I guess we got a little too caught up in our game. All of the sudden Kellees phone went off to say that it was midnight but when we looked at the television we still had 3 minutes. Nathan picked up the remote and pushed the "live tv" button and of course the tivo had been rewinded so we didn't see it on time.. Oh well.. what do you do..

We had a great game of hand and foot and me and Kellee kicked trash the whole time.. until the last round. Nathan and Bryce went out before me or Kellee had even touched our foot. It was dumb. I think they cheated.. ;)

Nathans new Hair Cut!!

Nathan decided that since he had never grown his hair out he wanted to try it. So starting in October, he didn't cut it. He thought that I didn't like it.. and thats not true.. but thats not wrong either.. I just prefer him with short hair. He was going to surprise me and cut it on Christmas but I made a smart-alic comment one day and he thought I knew about the surprise so he didn't. A few days later.. WaLA! He gave in.. So I took before pics.. I forgot to do an after.. I was too busy drooling over how HOT he looked. But there are others on our blog so you can see the after pics!
Isn't my man a handsome devil? I think so!!

Nathan was trying to look like Edward.. Don't you think he looks more like the kid off of the Incredibles?

Christmas Day!!

We had a wonderful busy Christmas day and Im sure did all of you guys.. But i have to say that Christmas is definitly not the same when you get married.. Don't get me wrong, it is still a blast, it is just different. Christmas morning Nathan and I got up about 6:30 to open our own presents at our house. It was funny because I bought Nathans gift off of his list and I also bought my own gifts off my list. So opening presents was fun because we finally got to use what we had already bought ourselves! LOL! Nathan was sweet to give me a few surprises too. I love that kid.

It was really funny to see Ernie with his gifts tho.. we got him a big bag that was full of all sorts of stuffed animals and squeeker toys. He started to rip the paper and then we finally had to help him. (He is just like our little kid) After it was opened Nathan dumped all of his toys out in front of him and he didn't know what to do. He just looked at them and started whining. It was hilarious. I hate it when you have too many toys that it just wants to make you cry.. poor thing.
We then headed up to my parents house to watch them open up their gifts. This is when Nathan finally got to open his present that I have had hidden for months.. thanks to Brian. Thanks Brian. YOu are AWESOME! Nathan has wanted some crash pads for climbing for a long time and so I saved up and bought some for him a while ago.. I had to have his friend at work lie to him and tell him he couldn't buy them until they went on sale at the first of the year. But it was all worth it to see the look on his face when he opened them! Last year Nathan surprised me and bought me my Nativity so this year was my turn to get a little surprise for him.. Look at the pictures.. they don't do justice for how fun it was to watch him. After we did that we headed up the the Binghams to eat a delicious breakfast prepared by Rosann and we opened gifts and hung out with the fam. It was such a wonderful Christmas and we can't wait until next year.. well.. actually we can.. :)

A million new posts..

Holy cow!! Do the Holidays wear anybody else out? We had an amazing Christmas and New Years but I am so happy they are over. I was a little sad that they came and went so fast but it is nice to get back on our regular schedule (if you can call it that.) So instead of doing one big post, I am just going to do a bunch that have themes so I dont leave anything out! I hope you all had wonderful holidays as well!!