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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 30, 2008

10 things I know for sure..

1.. Working 26 days in a row is not good for you.. Or for your wife..
2.. Christmas will be over and done with before we know it.. sad.
3.. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is the coolest thing ever!
4.. The Plan of Salvation rocks.. ( I am the temple prep teacher.. fyi)
5.. I need a vacation..
6.. Family is the coolest thing ever.. Heavenly Father knew we couldn't make it without them..
7.. Did I already mention having your husband work 26 days in a row sucks?..
8.. It is useless to bath your dog.. they just stink all the time..
9.. Everyday I become more like my mom.. and I LOVE it.. (my siblings call me "Mi-mo") get it.. Mini Mom?
10.. Money is a lot easier to spend than it is to make.. Lame.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why I love my Husband..

For some strange and unexplainable reason, life has seemed absolutely crazy lately. Work life, family life, home life, church life.. it has all been amazing but at the same time crazy.. but in all the mess there has been only one guy that has helped me make it through. And that is my husband. I would not be able to wake up in the morning and be glad to be where I am at without him.. He is the strongest, most positive, most supporting, most handsome-est, most enthusiastic, most loving person I have ever met in my life. For anyone that knows Nathan, knows that he will never give up. It doesn't matter what he is working on. He will NEVER give up.. As many as you know he injured his ankle while rock climbing. He hurt it to a point that he was in crutches for a couple days, we were looking at the option of surgery, and he has been wearing a boot around for the last couple weeks. But do you think that stopped him?? Not a chance. Not even an injured foot stopped him from going to work and being happy about it.. We were also able to participate in one of our favorite past times.. cutting up cows. Nathan is an example to me to look at the good things in life. I was recently given a new calling at church and to be completely honest I was scared out of my mind. I cried for days because I didn't know how I was going to be able to handle it. Nathan was there and is still there to help me with all my lessons and to make sure that I know everything I can about the gospel. I love him so much and I don't know what I would do without him.. I am so blessed to have met him and somehow talked him into marrying me. I love you Nathan so much! Thank you for everything! 143

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nathan's accident.. Lovely.

I got off work early yesterday just to find out that Nathan had been rock climbing and twisted his ankle. Lovely. He was climbing at the gym and landed funny half on and half off the mat from high up on the wall. Nothing is broken but we will have to take him in for an MRI to see if he needs surgery. Nathan is also lucky enough to be working 70 hours a week for a couple months so he will be on his feet. also Lovely. Pray for him. He will be hurting.

Is this normal?

Seriously.. I came home from work one day and I let Ernie out of his cage.. I was looking for him a little later and this is where I found him..

And its not like he gets in on accident. He can get in and out all by himself..

He jumps in.. chases his tail for a minute.. and jumps out..

Does anyone else's dog do this?

Abercrombie dog model?

I was up at my parents house recently and they decided to load my car up with some of my crap that I have been storing in their shed since I got married and I found a teddy bear with a removable shirt that fit Ernie perfect! Well, almost. What do you think? He could totally be a dog model..

Are we done yet?

Is Halloween over yet? I am so ready. Bring on Christmas and COCOMOTION!!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Bingham Fam!! This is a picture from our Murder Mystery dinner hosted by the famous Bryce and Kellee! Thanks guys! It was a blast!