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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today I feel like "SuperWoman!"
I'm glad you asked...

This is what I achieved today..

*Went to work from 8 to 3:30
*Came home and did my dishes: load, unload and washed all my big pans
* Swept my Kitchen floor- then I mopped
*Washed off my oven.. I even cleaned the Metal pot holder things (Gas oven) It's white again
* Cleared off my table and my computer desk (found some papers I was missing_figures)
* Made my bed
* Washed AND put away all of my laundry
* Dusted.. my whole house
*Cleaned BOTH bathrooms.. toilets..all around the whole toilet.. sinks.. floors.. mirrors..
* Vaaccumed.. TWICE.. the first time it was clogged so it was pointless..
* Made it to the gym by 6:50 to Step class
* Came home and made tacos with my hubby for dinner.

I don't want to brag or anything.. but I feel awesome..
It feels so good to come home to a clean house..
Won't stay that way for long...
But for a minute I feel great about myself.
Go me.


Lauren said...

Good job! you make me look like a total bum! I did nothing today! I was lazy!

The Norths said...

WHOA, you ARE Superwoman!! Check you out!

Curtis & Elise said...

Oh how I long for a day like that. Congrats on a wonderful day full of getting lots done and the wonderful feelings that accompany that!

Familia Taylor said...

That's awesome! I'm impressed!

Sarah said...

Wow, you are Superwoman! Amazing, getting all that stuff done! I'm like you; I love having a clean house. Cory thinks I'm crazy to clean before we leave for vacation, but I can't stand coming home to a dirty house!

Randi Burton said...

Sharlie!! It's me, Randi! I am lame and made a blog so I could entertain myself and keep up on everyones lives. But, I am glad I found you! Hope you guys are doing good!