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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

31 Weeks and needing some ADVICE!

Ok, before I start my post I need to make 2 things very clear; 1) No, I do not have any pictures to post, yet. But I would still love for anyone who reads this blog to read it and fill me in with any advice you possibly have. I will get pictures posted as soon as I can (which is part of the reason for this post.) 2) There is not any part of this post that is me complaining. I may fill you in on some things we have going on at the moment but in the middle of the chaos I realize that I am so blessed in my life right now and I would not change it for the world. Heavenly Father knows what I can handle and it just so happens that I am in a part of my life right now where I am being tested to find out how selfless and supportive I can be to those who have given so much to me. Does that make any sense to anyone?

First, I would like to let you all know that it has been 11 weeks since my last pregnancy update and things are continuing to go very well. I have been extremely blessed in the fact that I have had plenty of energy and very very few bumps along the way that have caused me grief. Ella is extremely active and it is so fun to be able to feel her kick and punch and head butt my ribs all day long. :) Really tho. I love it. I think that is going to be something that I miss about being pregnant. I have started to have small contractions (Braxton Hicks is I think what they call it) but nothing too serious so I don't worry too much about it and try to go on with my days. At this point the worst case I had was 3 in a row and now I only get one every couple days. Aint no thang. We had a doctors appointment today and she is weighing in at 3 lbs 9 ounces. Holy cow! That seems so little but at the same time we have 9 weeks to go so it is hard for me to think that she is now just starting to add on the real weight. I'm not going to lie. I am a little nervous. I am very familiar with how much that really is (I usually compare or think about the size and weight of the roasts and hamburger that we have packaged at the shop. Weird, I know. Poor girl gets compared to ground up carcas beef.) But I have a hard time thinking that I will have something that size come out of me. Now come the questions. How did you deal with that, all you moms out there? Were you as freaked out as I am?  Don't get me wrong. I can't wait to meet the little girl, but I am already starting to panic a little about Labor and Delivery. Not really sure how to deal with it or is there something I should be doing now to get ready for it?

Ok all you experienced moms, here come a whole list of questions for you. Currently I am working 2 jobs and about 55 hours a week between both but cutting hours is not a choice to help solve this little pickle. 40 hours of that is mandatory to make sure food is on the table and we keep a roof over our heads in preparation to baby Ella and the other 15 hours is working up at the meat shop to hopefully give my hard working husband a break and relief from his 60-70 hour work week. We both work all day and get home around 7. We do a little more working, either paying business bills, updating numbers, payroll, Go to Young Womens and Young Mens ( I am the YW Pres and Nathan is the YM 1st counselor) and eventually we get to making dinner by 9 or 10, just in time to watch 1/2 to 3/4 of America's Got Talent before we both fall asleep on the couch. The next day we get up at 6 and do it all again. Like I said in the first. Not complaining. Just giving you the details so you can help me come up with a solution.
We are trying so hard to get things ready for the baby but so far we have nothing. And when i say nothing, I mean nothing. So here come my questions. With the limited time we have left before we meet our sweet little Ella, what are the essentials we need to have ready? Crib? Stroller? Rocking Chair?  Getting ready to have a baby is so exciting and there are about a million things on my list that I want to have, but I honestly want to know what was most beneficial to have ready when the baby comes. We are aware of our limited time to get things ready so what were some things that I need to be putting at the top of our priority list? Things that aren't such a good idea to do while the baby is around?

Alright, that is all of the energy I have now to write about but I am going to brain storm some random questions below so Please Please Please let me know what you think!!! If I get some good advice I will try to get pictures posted sooner rather than later ;)

I am starting to not be able to sleep. Too Hot, Uncomfortable. Any ideas of how to relieve these symptoms?

I have been getting super sick about an hour after EVERYTHING that I eat. I thought it was a delicious corndog that I ate but then it has been going on for about a week. I am getting frustrated and annoyed at the inconvenience it is causing me in my busy schedule. Has this happened to anyone else? Any foods that I might try that won't make me sick?

I am soooooooo tired. Any good pick me up advice? I know its mostly the pregnancy and the working unlimited hours, but I need a good healthy energy booster. Anyone??

We bought a crib, opened it just to find out that it was the wrong color and the whole headboard was cracked. That style is gone due to a new "line" coming out. Where did you get your Crib? We are looking for a fairly inexpensive one. No idea on where has cute ones that aren't pieces of crap, ya know???

Where did you get your stroller? What do you look for when buying a stroller? And Car seat? What is the difference?

I still can't get myself to buy Maternity clothes. I think I look fat (not pregnant, pregnant is cute and I can handle that) but starting to get way too tight. Where can I get cute inexpensive shirts that will look decent? Also, pants are getting a little too noticeable that I can't even get the zipper to budge an inch. Belly Band is starting to not cover it. I need some cute, comfy work pants to wear for the next 8 weeks. (That part is killing me, The fact that hopefully I will only have to wear them for a few weeks.)  Which leads me to my next question.

How long before I will be back in my "normal" clothes? Will I still be wearing maternity pants or will I need to buy a different "middle" size pants?

That is all I can think of right now but I would love any feedback that I can get. I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and read about pregnancy and getting ready to have a baby so I am relying on all of you to help me!

Once again, I am so grateful for everything I have going on in my life right now. It has been super busy with multiple events in life but I would not change it for anything. Nathan and I have been so blessed to be able to prepare ourselves to bring a little baby into our family. We have been blessed with the success of our business and the wonderful support we have had from friends and family and neighbors. We are grateful for our callings in the church and for the love and support of our ward family. Although there have been bumps in the road, and we feel there are many more to go, there are no words to describe the thanks and appreciation we can give to everyone!!!

We are truly blessed!


Ben and Camille said...

I just sent you a LONG email:) Enjoy.

Lauren said...

Jc pennys has cute.affordable cribs online.

Chelsie said...

oh my heavens you are working a lot. I don't work and am the YW pres as well...and I swear that is a part time job...though rewarding...I totally understand how exhausting that in and of itself can be. First off props on being 31 weeks and no maternity clothes! You rock. I have a pair of pants that give a little in the waste that I've been able to wear with the band for my pregnancies..with help of the band...but I cut them into shorts this time come winter I'm screwed..haha. I have a lot of friends that got jeggings from kohls for a good price...they aren't maternity pants, but have a waste band, so they were able to wear them during/after their pregnancies. If it makes you feel better with Cooper, I didn't have the crib put up until a week or two before I had him. We ordered ours from RC's just a simple crib...doesn't turn into a bed or anything...which is ok with me because I've needed it to always be a the time one grows out of it..there is usually another baby going in there soon. :-) I'd say a carseat/stroller are essential...when you go get your carseat carry it around the isles to make sure it's one that's comfortable for you to carry..and make sure the stroller is one that's easy for you to put up and put down. We got ours at target..Ok, so for the sleeping...I'm so anti medicine...but occasionally at the end of my pregnancies...and I'm soo exhausted...I took a tylenol pm...I know they have rx you can take too...but it was my end of the rope nights...only did it a few times but it was amazing. :-) Also, when my thryoid is off it's harder on me as well. You're tiny I'm sure you'll be back in your clothes soon if not the beautiful rubber band trick helps after as well. Wow longest comment ever. I'm so excited for you guys! If you need anything let me know

Brianna said...

You are getting so close! Congratulations!
-For labor and delivery, it will all work out, seriously, it seems crazy that 7 plus pounds can come out of you, but you were created to do this and your body totally can! I love reading good happy birth stories to remind myself that it will all workout, I also really like this book called "Birthing from within" it makes you face your fears and helps you to deal with and overcome them.
-Getting things ready before baby? What is that? We moved back to Utah from Texas when I was 37 weeks and I had literally 2 outfits and that is it. Taven didn't even sleep in a crib until 4 months, he just slept in the bassinet part of a pack in play which takes all of 5 minutes to set up. And a car seat, we just got a regular graco one, I looked on consumer reports to find a good economical one. I hardly used our rocking chair with Taven, so that turned out to not be so essential.
-Sleep, body pillow? A fan to cool you off?
-I didn't get sick with Taven, so not much help there.
-No advice on the tired either, it might just come with the territory, sorry.
-And we got our crib at Birlington coat factory in their baby depot section, they don't have a ton of choices but they are discounted.
-We just got our stroller and car seat combo at babies r us. But now I know you can get cheaper if you buy online. For a newborn you usually get an infant car seat that has a base with a carrier you can snap in and out. When they get bigger you can get a convertible car seat that faces backwards or forwards.
-Maternity pants, I have a ton of size small maternity pants, some pairs are more work pants 2 pairs of kakis, one pair brown slacks, one pair black slacks, you are so welcome to use them if you want, then you won't have to buy any. I liked buying things from kohls because they are cheaper, I also bought a ton of barely used maternity clothes off of KSL.
-I wore my maternity pants for two months, I could have gotten some in between jeans, but I didn't want to and maternity jeans are comfy.

Hopefully something in their was helpful!

Jesse.Amanda said...

Oh Shar I just love you.. you are so cute. You remind me of me when I was in your shoes not too long ago!!

I was very freaked out about labor and delivery! Every time I thought about it I literally would get nauseous! haha I was so nervous.. The farther along you get and the bigger you get the more at ease you will feel. By the end you will be begging to go to labor and delivery. At least that's how I was. I was so freaked out until just like a week or two before delivery, so try not to worry about it to much..

It is crazy to think that a big baby will be coming out of you.. I'm not the best example and won't tell you my experience with delivery but that's what your body is made to do and things will happen just like they are supposed to! :)

The big things that I think are essential to have are a crib, stroller, and bouncy chair to put the baby in when your not holding her. If you are breastfeeding then you might want to get a rocker, but I breastfed too and I hardly every sit in my rocking chair.. so I don't know...

Hang in there. It is very uncomfortable and only gets worse the bigger and closer you get. I was like you always HOT and uncomfortable.. the only thing that kind of helped me at night was a pillow in between my legs and one to support my back.. but even then I was still uncomfortable. I was in the bath a lot before I went to bed to help my to relax.. You're going to be tired, not sure there is anything you can do about that..

You are tiny so you will probably be able to fit into your normal pants right away.. I never bought one pair of maternity pants, but I hear they are super comfy so you should maybe check it out! One thing I will suggest for after she is born, you should buy a belly support band. I don't really know what it is called but it is a band that goes around your belly and velcros. After you have her all your insides are going to feel kinda weird and loose and it gives you support and I also think it helped me to shrink down quicker! I loved it! Sleep in it and night and then take it off during the day for a little rest! I loved it!!

For a few weeks after I had Maelee I just work pjs and comfy clothes. We stayed home with her for a few weeks before taking her anywhere so that worked out for us. Plus you still kinda look preggo for a while after you have the baby so if you're like me you just want to where comfy clothes anyway!

Hope this helps! If you have any questions let me know!! :) Good luck cute girl!

Curtis & Elise said...

I'll keep this short because I'm not all that full of helpful advice, even after three kids, because everyone's different and our two situations aren't all that similar. But where they are similar, I'll comment.

I never wore maternity with my first kid either. Look for something like jazz pants (or yoga pants) with very stretchy waistbands, and that still look kinda dressy. They'll make due for slacks for the time being. There are lots of shirts out right now that are long enough and stretchy enough, you just have to search for them. I found that shirts and camis from Down East fit till the end.

On a similar note. Post-partem clothing. For the week or so you'll still look about 5-6 months along, only flabbier, so keep that belly band on hand and lots of loose shirts. Past that, I expect you'll be like me and be almost totally back to normal. I say "almost" because I didn't go back to my old pant size. Giving birth vaginally makes your hips spread. There are things you can do to make them go back, but usually you end up going up a pant size after your first kid. (I only went up one, and I'm still at that new size even after two more kids)

Speaking of giving birth vaginally... it's not so bad. There are lots of hormones that start working during labor that make it almost impossibly easy for the baby to come out. Just relax and know that your body knows what it's doing. You'll be okay.

Curtis & Elise said...

As for your work hours and need for more energy, I suggest, if it's at all possible, for you guys to hire someone to take your hours at the meat shop. Then you'll get more time for yourself and it won't be at your husband's expense. You need him too.