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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Apartment..

Alright, alright.. we know it has been forever since we posted so you can all stop reminding us.. Moving into a new house turned into a bigger project than expected but all is up and running now.. but before we post pics of the house.. We want to show you all what our living conditions have been for the last year. This post is not to complain, its just to give you all a heads up. We have been absolutely blessed to have rented where we did. If we had been anywhere else there is no way in heck we would have been able to make ends meet to move into this house. We are so grateful for the Stokes putting up with us for the last year!! We hope you Enjoy!!

It really doesn't look that messy when you are there in person.. or maybe it does.. I might just be used to it looking that ;)

1 comment:

Chelsi said...

wow you really were crammed in there!! I love how little the stove is, it's almost play size.