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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joe's Valley

A couple weekends ago we decided to finally go on a climbing trip.. We met at Brian and Dana's house and packed the car to the rim and we were on our way!! We had tons of fun and we are going to try to fit another one in before winter so we will see how that goes.. We got some funny looks traveling down the freeway with the crash pads on top of the little car! It was hilarious! Oh ya.. and We used our dutch oven for the first time and it was awesome!! Thanks Jess and Mark.. we will never go camping without it.. I think we ate better camping than we do at home..
(probably because Nathan cooked camping and I cook at home..) Yep. Thats it.

We went to a nearby town one night to see if there was anything to do.. It is such a small town that they did have a theatre but the townspeople said they only opened it when they felt like it.. but this board was right outside the building.. We need to have one of these in Huntsville sometime.. anyone want in?


Chelsie said...

lawn mower jousting?! that is awesome, and I think huntsville should do that for sure...or maybe you guys could host one..haha, i love it. mmm dutch oven..looks fabulous

Cory said...

Joe's Valley looks awesome! You will have to get a crash pad so when we come back you can take us down there. I am going to bring my own lawn mower for the joust.