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Monday, December 15, 2008

My New Nativity..and my crazy Fam..

Ok so I got it last year for Christmas but this is the first year I got to put it up so Im super excited! And also, its a little late but my family has a tradition of jumping in the pool on Thanksgiving day. So here is the pic. We didn't wimp out but Nathan had just injured his foot and I had the stomach flu so we skipped jumping in this year.. There was still ice in the pool.. and we tested it at 35 or 36 degrees I think.. Crazy Kids..


JeniandAustinHoffmann said...

Shar!! You have such a fun family, you guys are hilarious. I started screaming when I heard the songs on your blog cuz Austin and I LOVE one tree hill!!!

Sarah said...

Yeah that's crazy to jump in the pool! Brrrr! Your nativity scene looks very nice.

The Norths said...

LOVE the Willowtree nativity! So beautiful!
Oh, and you're family is completely CRAZY.