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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Removed by Moderator

This post is to apologize for the last post that aparently seemed a little more explicit than I intended. Blogging life is a little bit of a challenge, because obviously, sometimes you write things that are meant to be read one way, but when someone else reads it they think of something else. So I apologize to any of you that I offended in writing it and I mostly apologize to Nathan for having to put up with all the crap that became of it. I promise to be more careful when I blog.
P. S. This is all meant to be read in a happy, sincere, innocent tone of voice. :)


Sara B said...

haha oh my shar, that is ridiculous! I don't think that post was bad at all. Some people are just funny.

Jesse & Amanda said...

LOL! That makes me laugh :)

Curtis & Elise said...

I can't even remember what it said, which means it definitely didn't stick in my mind as being bad. :)

Sarah said...

Your last post wasn't bad at all - obviously some people are a little too sensitive. Ridiculous!!

The Fife's said...

I agree with both of the Sarah! I am sorry that some people are dumb :(