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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nathans new Hair Cut!!

Nathan decided that since he had never grown his hair out he wanted to try it. So starting in October, he didn't cut it. He thought that I didn't like it.. and thats not true.. but thats not wrong either.. I just prefer him with short hair. He was going to surprise me and cut it on Christmas but I made a smart-alic comment one day and he thought I knew about the surprise so he didn't. A few days later.. WaLA! He gave in.. So I took before pics.. I forgot to do an after.. I was too busy drooling over how HOT he looked. But there are others on our blog so you can see the after pics!
Isn't my man a handsome devil? I think so!!

Nathan was trying to look like Edward.. Don't you think he looks more like the kid off of the Incredibles?


Ben and Camille said...

ha! he totally does look like syndrome!

Sarah said...

Nope, sorry Nathan, you don't really look like Edward :) You do look nice though - and the comparison to the Incredibles does seem to fit.