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Friday, January 23, 2009

Poor Puppy :(

Sad. We think Ernie has the flu.. He has been throwing up for about a day and he is just not the same.. He won't eat and has barely drank any water. We are trying pedialyte.. hope it works. If you have any ideas.. Please.. fill us in. It is so sad to see him mope around..


Familia Taylor said...

Does Nathan have the flu too??? He looks pretty crappy too..... :)
Sorry guys - Nathan and I talked about it at work today....maybe too much grass......and not the kind you guys smoke...the kind in your lawn. It can hurt the little guys belly. Hopefully he gets better soon. If not he can come hang out with Nala next week. Her tummy will be hurting too - Con mucho amor y besitos - Randin

Jeff'n'Joylyn said...

Have you tried boiling a piece of chicken to see if he can keep that down? That's what we do for our puppies when they're under the weather, they always seem to feel better faster!

The Laloli's said...

If it gets to the point where you need to take him to a vet, we know of a great vet that doesn't cost much in West Haven. Our little puppy Marlee has had to go their a couple times already for something different. Anyways hope he just gets feeling better on his own!
Beth and Dave

Alyssa said...

Poor pup, that's probably not too fun cleaning up after him either. Hey I'm finally glad I flagged ya down! Cute blog! How's everything?