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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coupon Extravaganza!

I just bought @ Albertsons:
1-Box of Poptarts
45- 32 oz Powerade
2- Bottle of Hershey Syrup
1- Rasin Bran Cereal
1- Froot Loop Cereal
1- Rice Crsipie Cereal
2- Dole Fruit cups
2- Boxes of Brownies
1- Capri Sun

Regular Price before Sale and Coupons = $125.92
My Price after sales and coupons = $34.10

I freaking love coupons...


Familia Taylor said...

yay! for coupons! I love them too :)
Let me know of any good deals you hear of and I'll do the same :) did you see my fb about old navy? Sweet deal!

Sarah said...

Wow, way to go!!

Rachel said...

that is so awesome! i always cut out coupons and then forget to take them with me to the store...this post has motivated me to really try harder to use them!

Randi Burton said...

I don't get how to do it! You inspired me, so I cut out some coupons, and went to the store, and only used 2!! You need to share your coupon saving tips.

Stac said...

sweet deal shar! I went to albertsons last night and got 85 bucks worth of stuff and only spent 21. I went to Target the other day and got 104 bucks worth and only spent 10. I love finding good deals!!