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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lessons NOT learned....

1 Fart + 1 mouthfull of foamy toothpaste = One cold shower

So.. last week, Nathan thought he was funny so he followed me into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and he farted. Sick. So to defend myself and to show who is boss, I followed him into the bedroom and spit my full, foamy, toothpasty spit all over his face. Then he picked me up, threw me into the bathtub (In my clean pjs) and turned on the cold water. KO.

A couple days later, after much thought, I decided I would be funny and twist tie the water squirty thing in the kitchen to on and so when Nathan came home he would get it right in the face. Genius right?

Wrong. Yes he did get sprayed, like one squirt, but I was the one who got a FULL gallon of cold fridge water dumped on top of my head..

Lesson learned? Not a chance. Bring it on.


The Fife's said...

Freakin' funny.

The Norths said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! I love it.