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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here Comes The Bride!!

My good friend Jeni is getting married and so we had a shower for her... I was so excited to go and see all of my friends from high school! We are all still friends but everyone is off at college and doing their jobs and what not so I counted down the days til I got to see all of them! This picture below is missing quite a few girls tho.. We missed you guys who didn't come! It was the bomb!

I don't think we have ever had a pic together when somebody wasn't making a face so this is a historic pic!!


Sara B said...

CUTE pictures!! I love us, we are the best! I miss you Shar, we all need to get together more. I'm glad we can be blogging friends now too :)

Chelsie said...

How fun! It's always good to get together with old friends and have a little girls night. I was tellin Kel the other day, we all need to have a girls night and watch everyones wedding videos...maybe it's just me but I'm a sucker for those

Stefanie said...

Shar! Thanks for the comment!! I love reading your blog its so cute and you are so lucky your husband is so awesome! I need to see you, its been forever, I so wish I could've come to the shower! But I will do my best to update you if you do the same! Love ya!