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Sunday, April 27, 2008

IT's a Sign..

So we are not taking it as a sign, but its interesting that since we have lived at our apartment, things have started breaking. We have had 3 cousins live here before us and when we moved in everything seemed to be working great. We take good care of our stuff but by examining the things that have gone wrong since we have been here, you might think otherwise. I think it is really funny but Im not the one that fixes them. Good job babe. We are pretty lucky becasue Nathan is Mr fix It and so far there hasn't been anything that he hasn't known how to repaired. I thought it was hilarious so I wanted to share..
First to go was the stove. The picture above is the new one that they put in but the last one randomly blew-up on us.. we were just cooking with a pressure cooker and all of the sudden the burner it was on started on fire and burned a hole through the pan. It was nuts.. I wish I had a picture but... I don't. It was kinda funny cause it was on fire and me and Nathan just looked at each other and said, "huh, that's wierd."
Next was the toilet.. It just stopped filling back up with water when we flushed it.. At first we just had a cup and filled it up with water from the sink but then Nathan found out what was wrong. Now we just keep the top off and push something(I have no idea what it is) but it makes it fill back up.. We have yet to find a final solution for that..

Now the shower had multiple things go wrong on the same day..Ha Ha.. Good times..Long story short.. Our shower is made up of PVC Pipe hanging from a chain from the ceiling-with a shower head and hose connected to the spout with packing tape.. as seen in pic. Sweet huh. We love it. Well all in the same day, the PVC pipe was ripped off of the wall.. and the shower head completly broke off the hose leading to the spout. Result : Shampoo-y hair and drizzling water out of a 3/4in hose.

And last but not least.. while switching out our old couch for a new one we were given.. many of our lenolium(spelling?)tiles were lifted of off our kitchen floor because we had to move the fridge and oven out of the way.

What else could we ask for, right? Certainly not our renting deposit.... I'm pretty sure that just got flushed down the toilet.. maybe that's why it's broken.. ;)


Stefani said...

Oh the memories. We loved living at Dave's. Enjoy it while it lasts. There's always the Mortuary!

Chelsie said...

Oh no...I'm glad you guys have such a great outlook on it all...I think that's what first places are all our first had the original 1940's we had lots of problems in the beginnings...ha your flushing your rent deposit down the toilet made me laugh! Cleverness

Brian Nye said...

These are seriously great stories, you guys got hooked up with a whole bunch of stories to tell your firends your kids, your great grand kids. Although it is good that Nate is Mr. Fix It or they would very expensive stories.