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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Homemade Rock Wall

So when we were house shopping we both had our own idea of what we wanted in a house... I wanted a washer and dryer, an extra room that we could use for a baby room someday.. a dishwasher.. and Nathan.. well he wanted a rock wall.. So when we bought our house we both got what we wanted.. I got the upstairs extra bedroom and he got the downstairs bedroom to build his wall.. So here it is. He set his mind to it.. got the wood and it was up.. all in a day's work for Nathan. actually it was two.. So here are the pics!



Ash & Keith said...

that looks really hard... my bro in law would love it. have you tried it shar

Chelsie said...

that video makes me tired just watching

Sarah said...

Awesome! Your pics from the trip look good, too. I'm so jealous! We miss the mountains soooo much out here!

Scott and Becky said...

Well looks interesting! My first thought was how on earth will it come down if you ever decide to move!
But Erik and Austin would both love it.

Zabriskie Family said...

That looks like fun... Tim and I have tried bouldering a few times we bought shoes and everything but then we got prego with Emma and that was kind of the end of that. How is the house are you loving being home owners?

Steve and Jordan said...

Sweet! Steve would love a homemade rock wall too bab we're still renting! Maybe one day, that really is cool! Your blog is so cute! I am glad I can look in from time to time!