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Sunday, November 30, 2008

10 things I know for sure..

1.. Working 26 days in a row is not good for you.. Or for your wife..
2.. Christmas will be over and done with before we know it.. sad.
3.. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is the coolest thing ever!
4.. The Plan of Salvation rocks.. ( I am the temple prep teacher.. fyi)
5.. I need a vacation..
6.. Family is the coolest thing ever.. Heavenly Father knew we couldn't make it without them..
7.. Did I already mention having your husband work 26 days in a row sucks?..
8.. It is useless to bath your dog.. they just stink all the time..
9.. Everyday I become more like my mom.. and I LOVE it.. (my siblings call me "Mi-mo") get it.. Mini Mom?
10.. Money is a lot easier to spend than it is to make.. Lame.


marshfam said...

I love your list, Shar. I have to agree that a husband working all the time really does suck. At least they're not out doing the Wednesday thing anymore- Halelujah!

Lindsey & Tony said...

Your blog is sooooo cute! Let us know when you are coming down to St. George?

The Fife's said...

How cute are you! I know what you mean about working all the time....

The Norths said...

I just love you! Seriously. You are an awesome person.