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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bailey's Baby Blessing

Last Sunday we had the chance to go see Bryan bless little Bailey.. He did such an awesome job! After we went over to Bridgette and Bryan's house and had a BBQ and played Golf Laso.. Golf Laso is a game that we found out about at Christmas from Grandma Layton and now it is a hit. We have played it many times with the Laytons so we thought we would introduce it to the Binghams.. We lost to everyone.. But it was really fun anyways.. Here are some pics of the aawesome family that we have! I seriously have the coolest In-Laws in the world! They are all so great.. And the cutest Niece as well!


Matchbox Mom said...

How fun! You are too dang cute!

Chelsie said...

Ah, she is so cute! They get big too fast. My husband would love that she has a red sox hat on. What is this golf lasso you're speaking of? It sounds awesome! We'll have to play it sometime

Sarah said...

She is really cute! Wish we could have been there!