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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Camp Out!

Ah! I am a slacker.... It's been a crazy couple weeks so I haven't been in the blogging mood.. But here are a couple of fun things that have been a part of the busy weeks..

We went and hung out with Brody and Chantel and it was finally one of the warmer days... But not so much the warmer nights.. we made a campfire at my parents house and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows..

My Dad is in the process.. almost done.. building a big shed to put all of their storage in. is almost impossible to find things at the moment, so instead of looking around for some roasting sticks.. nathan decided to raid the closets and make his own.. I love this boy.. He roasted 4 hotdogs at once! This man is amazing.. we'll just leave out the part that he almost burned his hand off in the process.. ;)

Then after we were done and bored with that we got into a huge marshmallow fight.. those suckers hurt! or maybe i am just a wimp.. that is probably it.. But it was so fun! I felt like I was a kid again! Yay!

and then to end the night.. my genious brother put a huge sheet over the swing set and set up a projector with surround sound and we watched the Goonies under the stars! It was such a blast! I love being outside and I am so excited for late nights and summer stars!


Jay D & Lauren said...

oh that sounds like so much fun! Jay D and I are lame we fall asleep at ten and go home to bed! With us both working full time and wedding planning we are always wiped out!

Chelsie said...

How fun...I love that you had a marshmallow guys make me laugh. My husband is in love with your parents backyard!! It's gorgeous!

Cody & Melanie said...

he he you guys are nuts!! that's why we love you!! How fun we need to come to the laytons and play! I can't wait to come swim!! Yea!!