Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


2 of our very best friends Bryce and Kellee were sweet enough to throw me a little birthday party Monday night at our One Tree Hill Party.. They weren't able to come to dinner with us Tuesday so instead they bought me the coolest birthday cake I have ever had.. High School Musical..(Plastic Troy CD case included) and balloons and stuff! They are so awesome! I love you guys! Our other 2 best friends Cody and Mel were also there! Thanks guys for all you do!

Don't mind the chipmunk cheeks... ;) Or a little bird.. I cant decide which one I look like.. ha ha


Chelsie said...

Happy Birthday!! I love your cake! I'm a closet High School Musical fan....gotta love the disney musicals! Mmm..I watched OTH this morning...what do you think of the previews for next week? Think it's really going to happen?

Familia Taylor said...

Happy belated Birthday! Sorry we couldn't go to your birthday dinner thing...Between Randy's root canal and Jacob's early to sleep schedule it was impossible! But we hope to see you guys soon, and hope you had a great birthday!