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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is this normal?

Seriously.. I came home from work one day and I let Ernie out of his cage.. I was looking for him a little later and this is where I found him..

And its not like he gets in on accident. He can get in and out all by himself..

He jumps in.. chases his tail for a minute.. and jumps out..

Does anyone else's dog do this?


Curtis & Elise said...

Yeah, our dog does that too. But he's a lot bigger and looks sillier doing it.

Lacie said...

Sorry, i was blog stalking from stacys. My dog does this every. single. time. when we are in the bathroom, he has to drink out of the faucet, gets a drink and hops out, if he is playing with the other dog, he runs and jumps in the tub because the other dod wont get in there, who knows, dogs are odd balls!!